Vermiculite 100L Bag (Insulation)

£31.97 ex VAT



Vermiculite Back Fill Insulation (100 Litre Bag )

Vermiculite gives perfect coverage of insulation in difficult to reach places as well as an easy to manage level fill. Micafil is typically used for chimney flue linings.

Features and Benefits:

  • Vermiculite is irritant-free, ultra-lightweight, non-toxic, odour free and fireproof up to 1300 degrees centigrade
  • Vermiculite significantly reduces the loss of heat in cold weather and keeps the interior cool in hot weather
  • Vermiculite is a naturally occurring mineral – primarily a combination of silicon, magnesium and aluminium, it is easy to handle, sound absorbent, resistant to decay, fire-resistant and fibre-free
  • The free-running properties of Vermiculite make it simple to install. Poured straight from the bag, it simply flows into and overall potential heat loss areas.

Please note: bag style can change depending on supply.