Increasing Stovepipe to liner adaptor 125mm to 150mm

£72.84 ex VAT


The multi-fuel liner flue adaptor is a metal connector that connects the flexible chimney liner to a single wall pipe at the base of the stack.

This size connects 150mm (6 inches) flue liner to 125mm (5 inches) vitreous stove pipe or 1mm stainless at the bottom of the chimney stack.

Made from 316-grade stainless steel, the flue adaptor has an integral drain hole to let the condensates flow back into the flue.

1. Connect the bottom of the flue liner to the twin wall section of the flue adaptor, using self-tapping screws, and seal with either fire cement or high-temperature silicone sealant.

2. You can now connect the flue adaptor using fire cement or high-temperature silicone sealant to either your appliance (if the appliance is a solid fuel appliance then you must have a least 600mm of flue pipe before this connection) or vitreous enamel or 1mm stainless. If the gap is large between the flue adaptor and the pipe you can seal using a combination of fire cement or high-temperature silicone sealant, together with fire rope.