EFC35 fan controller for RS & RSV16

£275.00 ex VAT



The EFC35 is a manually operated electronic speed control, max 3.5 A, for chimney fans RSV16, RSV315 and RSV400 from Exodraft.

The speed of the chimney fan motor can be controlled continuously with the EFC35 control and the capacity of the chimney fan can be varied in this way from 25 to 100%. This allows you to customize your chimney fan to your current requirements, regardless if you are igniting the fire, adding fuel to the fire or continuous heating.

An on/off switch is integrated in the knob of the speed control; also a minimum trimmer and an LED that lights up when the control is in operation are installed.

The EFC35 control has a knob with which the chimney fans can be switched on and off, and the chimney draft can be adjusted to the desired level. The further the knob is rotated to the right after it has passed the on/off point, the slower the chimney fan.

A repair switch REP-AFB or equivalent must be attached to the chimney for the EFC35 control.

Note that the EFC35 must be installed by an authorized electrician.