EFC21 fan controller for Gas

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The control EFC21 was developed for gas fireplaces that are connected to an exodraft chimney fan.

The control monitors the failsafe function and if there is not sufficient chimney draft, the EFC21 stops the gas supply to the fireplace. This is to ensure that no gas enters the room.

When the EFC21 is activated the chimney fan runs at full speed. If the flowmeter confirms that the chimney draft is sufficient then the fireplace can be lit and the speed of the chimney fan can be regulated to a pre-set value.

The chimney fan stops when the EFC21 is turned off. However, it is possible to set a shut-off delay time of three minutes so that any residual particles can be extracted.

If the chimney draft cuts off under normal operating conditions, the control automatically increases the speed of the chimney fan to compensate for this difference. This may be the case, for example, on extremely windy days with the corresponding downward stroke in the chimney.

If the chimney draft is not sufficient, the EFC21 turns off the gas supply.

The control was developed in accordance with BS 5440: Part 1 (2000), BS 6644 (1991), Directive on gas appliances 90/396 / EEC, EN 298 (2003) and other relevant European standards.

The EFC21 must be installed by an authorized electrician.